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Live events
for virtual audiences anywhere.

Studio 5 powered by Condense 6.png

The premium platform for live virtual events.

We created Studio 5 to bring authentic content into virtual worlds.
With support for web, smartphones, VR, AR, consoles, PC and Mac, your content can reach a global audience.

Studio 5 unlocks a new revenue stream for live content.



Set your price with flexible ticketing built into the app as standard



Fully customisable virtual venues provide limitless creative opportunities for brand visibility



Audiences can kit out their avatars with your merchandise

Live-streaming meets
spatial computing.

Powered by volumetric video.

Create incredible, authentic 3D content instantly

This isn’t CGI. This is the real deal. And it’s never been simpler. Step in front of our cameras and instantly appear in a video game.

Our set up is quick and easy with everything ready to go in under an hour.

Access best-in-class technology

Our world-leading technology has been built by a team of experts.

We handle the technical complexity so you can focus on the creativity.

Stream to mobile, PC/Mac, web, consoles, VR and AR

The media landscape has changed.

Spatial computing is opening up new ways for audiences to engage with high quality content. The demand is only going to increase.

With support for mobile, PC, web, consoles, VR and AR, you can reach audiences wherever they are.

Studio 5 is trusted by world-leading
media organisations and partners.


“The media landscape is changing, and live events are at the heart of it.”

Nick Fellingham, CEO
Live Performance

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