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A new scholarship for a new generation of innovators

Updated: Mar 5

Here at Condense, our mission is to bring the world’s live events to virtual spaces. We currently have a team of 22 talented people working on this world-leading technology, from computer vision engineers to metaverse experience designers. 

But it’s no secret that the tech industry is lacking in diversity, and we’re no exception.

Our own workforce is predominantly white and male. We wanted to disrupt this trend by providing opportunities to a diverse range of people who possess the skills, curiosity and willingness to learn. Attributes that would make them ideal candidates to be the next generation of computer vision engineers and metaverse experience designers. 

A new kind of scholarship

This is why we decided to launch a new scholarship in partnership with Access Creative College, supported by Local Globe.

Aimed predominantly towards encouraging applications from females and people from ethnic minority backgrounds, this 12-week fully funded course will give the students the key skills they need to live stream content into the metaverse. The scholars will learn 3D modelling, digital graphics, photogrammetry, realtime VFX, texturing, plugin integration and more. 

Why is diversity important?

This is something I’m personally passionate about coming from a minority ethnic background myself.

Why is diversity important in this industry? Because the population is diverse and the industry needs to be a true reflection of this. The beauty of our technology here at Condense is that live events are made accessible for all, and this is something we’re really passionate about. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, you can experience a live gig from your favourite artist performing on the other side of the world!

Generations have led us to where we are and tackling issues around diversity is no mean feat. Being a startup business, we’ve decided to start small but think big about how we can have a positive impact within the industry and I’m really excited about what this scholarship will bring.

Meet the scholars

We’re delighted to have welcomed on-board four scholars - Olivia, Abygail, Lenore and Michael - who are now halfway through the course. 

They’ve been asked to design and create a virtual venue to host live events. A showcase of their work will take place in April for family and friends. The scholars had these words to say:


“I’ve seen events being held ‘in-game’ so to speak, but nothing quite like what we have the capabilities of doing here. This programme is allowing me, and everyone else involved, the chance to really sink our teeth into the future of the creative arts and tech sectors in a way no-one else is doing.”


“The chance to be part of something this cutting edge which can have far reaching impacts on so many cultural aspects of our society was something I couldn’t really pass up.”


“The whole concept and theory behind this programme is fascinating, the fact that we’re on the cusp of bringing real-time events into an equally real but albeit simulated virtual setting is quite an exciting and enticing thought indeed...”


“I had no real direct experience in 3D modelling, which is obviously a big part of creating virtual events. But you can draw a lot of comparisons between UX, UI and what we’re learning and developing as part of this scholarship programme.”

I also recently caught up with their tutor at Access Creative College, Dominik Pluta, who said:

“All of the scholars absorb the material extremely quickly and often research and ask about materials and techniques yet to be taught”. 

Looking to the future 

This is a testament to just how interested, driven and committed our scholars are. At the end of the project, they will have developed new skills, presented their work to an audience, built their network and will have become more desirable to a future employer in a field they have an interest in. 

It’s great to be able to play a small part in creating opportunities in the sector through this scholarship. I’m excited to see what the future holds for the students! 


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