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Condense is an Epic MegaGrant recipient

We are proud to announce that Condense is a recipient of an Epic MegaGrant. The support will be used to complete development of a plugin for Unreal Engine that will be distributed for free on the UE Marketplace. 

Our Unreal—and Unity—plugins make it possible for game engine developers to integrate live 3D video into their applications. This opens up a world of opportunities to host genuinely live events in the metaverse. 

Epic is a pioneer in interactive entertainment and has been at the forefront of blending real world content into 3D spaces to host events, as demonstrated in the Fortnite Soundwave Series performance with Aya Nakamura

Condense technology simplifies the workflow for putting on similar events and enables real-time production by live streaming events into the engine as photorealistic 3D models with meshes, textures and materials. The tech to enable this has been built over the last three years by a team of world leading computer vision researchers and application developers. 

Earlier this year, we launched our first of a series of dedicated venues for hosting hybrid events with both in-person and in-game audiences. When performing in this venue, performers can be live streamed as a photo realistic 3D representation of themselves inside any game which has integrated our plugin. Because the content is live, any in-game attendees can also interact with the performer. This creates the atmosphere and excitement of a real world music event.

The Epic MegaGrant will enable us to expedite our plans to distribute our UE plugin so that every developer in the world has the opportunity to design and build interactive virtual event spaces and host live events within them.


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