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What is The Blueprint?

Condense is an infrastructure company, providing customers with the ability to capture and live stream 3D content into 3D environments and game engines. This new type of video we call video 3.0 as it has the power to revolutionise almost any user experience which currently uses 2D video. The potential is massive. 

We have focused on ‘live’ from the conception of the company and, because of that, our content creation and distribution pipeline is very different from that of any other volumetric video company. Compressing live volumetric content, for example, means we don’t have the luxury of looking forward and backwards through frames to apply algorithms efficiently. We use AI to address some of these challenges.

We have spent 3 years writing computer vision software to make live event streaming possible and now we are ready to show it off. We want to demonstrate how this technology can create amazing new consumer experiences, focusing first on Music. With virtual concerts, performers can extend their reach to a level where audience sizes are almost unlimited. The revenue potential for artists is huge. But this technology is not limited to one industry. We believe it will have a transformative impact on sport, business communication and many other areas. 

We see live events in the metaverse as dynamic experiences with lots of interaction between the performers and their virtual audiences, experiences that have the excitement and buzz of a real live event. This is something only video 3.0 can enable. 

Live volumetric video  is a new frontier, nobody has done this before. Unlike TV or Film production there is no common understanding of formats or any shared lexicon or grammar to explain user/performer interaction. It’s therefore up to us to demonstrate our vision and demonstrate the value to both the user and our potential customers. 

Other virtual events have been put on in 3D spaces before. Ariana Grande’s Fortnite tour brought in a lot of revenue for Fortnite (through the sale of skins) but it wasn’t live or interactive and it was very expensive to produce.

Decentraland is putting on a Metaverse Festival on November 10th 2022 but it’s simply projecting 2D video onto screens in a 3D event space. 

Only Condense can produce truly live and interactive events in 3D worlds. 

To demonstrate this we have built two state of the art facilities. One in the real-world and the other, virtual; The Metaverse Studio and The Blueprint.

Our Metaverse Studio is set up with our capture system in a space that feels like dynamic event space. Crucially it is also equipped with large screens to facilitate interaction between the performer and the virtual audience. 

The Blueprint is an experimental virtual event space where weekly live events will take place, with our Discord server as an entry point and a place to gather user feedback. We will iterate quickly to build an experience that demonstrates how engaging these experiences can be and how they can be monetised. It’s built in Unity and can be reskinned to completely change its appearance in a matter of hours. 

The Blueprint is a first of its kind. Its main purpose is to demonstrate the potential of this technology and encourage others to create venues and applications of their own. If it blows up, maybe it might morph into more than that but for now it’s a space where we can shamelessly show off what nobody else can do yet. 

We’re into week 6 of our Alpha Testing and the feedback so far has been amazing. 

Visit for info on how to join these events yourself. We will be publishing an event schedule shortly.


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