studio 5

Your go-to platform

for hosting virtual live events

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your own virtual venue

Design and create your own unique virtual venue

live events for a global audience

Reach a global audience with event scheduling, Ready Player me avatars and monetisation through ticketing or digital merchandise

reliability, stability

Our world leading frame syncing and broadcaster tools provide reliability, stability and control to make your live event a success


with our portable multi-camera system

Off-the-self depth cameras, stands and servers

Easy set-up in under an hour

Max capture area of 4x4x3 meters

Quick calibration

No green screen required



with our cloud platform

Real-time rendering and streaming

Global distribution

Reliable and stable infrastructure

Variable bitrate compression

Synced playback



with our Unity, Unreal & Web plugins

High-performance decoding

Variable bitrate

Native engine primitives

Highly customisable

Remote controlled


live music in studio 5

Studio Rig Setup