The Blueprint

Experience live music in The Blueprint, a new digital venue like no other, powered by video 3.0 technology.

🎮 how it works

When you join the event you'll be placed in a room. The artist can only see users in Room 1 so don't be surprised if they are talking to avatars you can't see.

You'll then be able to move your avatar around the space using these controls. We recommend using a mouse and keyboard.

Focus Mode
Ctrl / Cmd + G
WASD / arrow keys
Camera Zoom
Right Mouse Button
Camera Toggle Lock-On
Open / Close Control Guide
Emote Wheel
⚠️ Troubleshooting

We are currently testing The Blueprint. You may encounter problems. Please ask for help on our Discord channel if you are getting stuck, we will have people on support throughout the event.

  • For the best user experience, we recommend using a mouse.
  • For web users, please be patient when loading the app. If we get particularly high demand it will take a while to load (2-3 minutes)
  • For web users, if you are encountering problems try reloading the tab.
  • If you encounter problems with player movement, press Esc then click "Exit app". This will reset the app for you.
  • To exit the mouse lock press Esc. To lock it again press Ctrl + G.
🗣 How to give us feedback

The Blueprint is in development! We always appreciate feedback as we are trying to make the user experience better. If you have any ideas, things that you want us to test or complaints then please let us know in our Discord channel.

We will post a feedback form after each event in #the-blueprint channel on Discord. Your answers will be anonymous.

The Blueprint hosts live events. With any live event, in-person or in-game, occasionally performers will use language that could be considered profane, vulgar, or offensive. Because of this viewer discretion is advised. We want The Blueprint to be a safe space, and have moderators on hand to ensure this.

Any views expressed by performers do not necessarily reflect our own.