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At Condense, our mission is to bring live events to audiences anywhere.

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Core values

We want to bring authentic live experiences to audiences anywhere. Our core values ensure we stay focused on our goals and create the best experiences for artists, creators and fans around the world.

Content comes first

Fans want to see their favourite artists perform live. Our technology brings the audience closer than ever to the live event, but it's the performers who make meaningful and memorable experiences possible.

We’re committed to getting behind content creators, helping them to grow, and shining the spotlight on everyone we can.

Reliability that respects the event

When it comes to live events, reliability is essential. A single technical failure can be devastating for the event and the businesses involved with it. We know how important your event is.

We have designed our processes and software with stability and reliability at the core. With Condense, you can deliver even the most important events with confidence.


We want to bring the power of real-world live events to virtual spaces. But we can't do this alone.

Our partners have brilliant creative ideas that they want to bring into virtual spaces. We remove the technical complexity so you can focus on the creativity


We want the metaverse to be a creative, collaborative and connected space. With our technology, you can live stream real-world events into interactive 3D applications, making people feel present and in the moment.

We pride ourselves on being clear and transparent about the technology and the user experiences we can facilitate.

Meet our team

Join us

We are always on the lookout for like-minded people who can help us bring live events to audiences anywhere.

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